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Scott Pendlebury: What I eat in a day

Collingwood Football Club midfielder Scott Pendlebury understands nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet. Now in his sixth season at Collingwood, Pendlebury initially had to put on about seven kilograms to prepare him for the rigours of AFL football. This meant he had to increase his food intake, with plenty of complex carbohydrates and protein shakes. Now he has developed a nutrition plan that works best for him, whether it’s during the regular football season or while he’s training hard in the off season.

Winners Bars - Scott Pendlebury AFL Nutrition Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Scott’s daily intake will vary based on whether he’s preparing for a game, or repairing after a game – with a strong focus on a carbohydrate diet (for storing) days before, or a protein focused diet (for replenishment) days after an AFL game.

Winners Bars - Scott Pendlebury AFL Nutrition

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