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What do the Winners athletes eat on Game Day?

AFL players are well known for some weird superstitions and game day habits. Whilst a player might believe their lucky pair of jocks will help them kick straight, when it comes to nutrition they leave little room for luck – making sure they eat the right foods to help them perform for the entire game.

Have a look at what our ambassadors eat to ensure they are at their peak during the match.

Scott Pendlebury
 Marc Murphy
Daniel Hannebery
Before Game 4 pancakes, with lemon and sugar Weetbix and skim milk 3 Weetbix, muesli and skim milk
During Game 1 – 2 Energy gels a quarter Energy gels and chews 2 Energy gels, Hydrolite sachets in water and a banana
After Game Pasta or stir fry (high carbohydrate, high protein and low fat) Lean chicken/beef burger, lots of water and a muffin Milk and protein powder. Low fat chicken pizza. Pasta or meat and vegetables 2 hours later



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