“The right sort of nutrition and energy replacement is important for anyone that is active and in my sport it can be the difference between winning and losing.”

BMC Racing Team
Turned Professional: 2001
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 68 kg
DOB: 14/02/1977
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Career Highlights:

  • Tour De France Winner (2011)
  • World Road Cycling Champion (2009)
  • Placed on podium in all three grand tours
  • Held the leader’s jersey in all three grand tours
  • Tour De France Runner up (2007 & 2008)
  • Giro D’Italia 3rd Place (2013)
  • Vuelta a Espana 3rd Place (2009)
  • 3x Olympic Cyclist
  • Mountain Bike World Cup Winner (1998 & 1999)

In a country that has had its fair share of sporting champions Cadel Evans is rightfully regarded amongst our very greatest. His victory in the 2011 Tour De France – making him the first Australian to win the most prestigious race in cycling and arguably most demanding sporting event on the planet – saw him reach another high point in a career which has already provided many outstanding achievements. Cadel’s career is remarkable for his consistency of performance across the many challenges the sport has to offer.

Cadel is a strong all round rider, regarded as a good climber and an elite time trialist. His success has been built on a foundation of tireless work ethic, unfaltering focus and an appetite for the challenge. It was a desire to improve all aspects of his performance which saw him partner with Winners Sports Nutrition to develop products suited to cycling athletes and the demands of the sport.

“The right sort of nutrition and energy replacement is vital to anyone who is active and looking to perform at their peak – in cycling it can mean the difference between winning and losing,” Cadel said.

“In order to get the most out of my training regime I need to prepare my body by eating the proper foods. Likewise, if I fail to eat the right foods during a race my energy levels will be shot and I won’t be able to compete with the other riders. For me nutrition is as important as putting the right tyres on the bike.”

“We develop Winners Energy products specifically with cycling in mind. The energy bars are low GI, low in fat and made from all natural products – meaning they provide the sustained energy needed to compete and train at a higher level. The energy gels and chews are to maintain energy levels throughout exercise, providing a boost when your energy levels dip during a race or long training,” he explained.

Winners Energy products have definitely helped me to improve my performance in recent years. But the good thing is they are not just for elite athletes, the sustained energy boost that they provide will benefit any active person.”